Welcome Volunteers!
Becoming a volunteer is easy. Click "LOGIN" on the top right, then select "Not a member? Register" to create a free volunteer account with the Volunteer Louisiana Commission. It doesn't cost anything and your information will be kept private and secure. 

Benefits of Becoming a Registered Volunteer:

  •  Quickly sign up for volunteer opportunities
  • Connect with organizations and causes that interest you
  •  Stay up to date on volunteer opportunities and service events in your area
  • Create and manage your own volunteer team
  • Track your volunteer hours and build your civic engagement portfolio 

After creating your account,
sign up for a volunteer opportunity:

Click on "Find an Opportunity" - located on the top menu under "For Volunteers" - to search opportunities or browse our Opportunity Calendar. 
Once you find a project that you'd like to participate in, click on "Sign Up" or "Express Interest" located at the bottom of the opportunity description.
If you choose "Sign Up", you can sign up directly for that project. You will receive a confirmation email with directions and any other special instructions. If you have questions about the project, you can send an email to the Opportunity Leader listed at the bottom of the project description.
If you choose "Express Interest", the host organization will contact you directly with further information about the volunteer opportunity. You will also receive an email with contact information for the organization so that you can follow up with them if you do not get a response.
If you have already registered and have questions about using the site, or need technical assistance please visit our FAQ page or contact Kori Chisham at: (225) 342-6289 or kchisham@crt.la.gov.