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Preschool Teacher

This volunteer opportunity is pending grant funding on June 1, 2019. This position will involve teaching a class of 20 students with a Master Teacher. This is a preschool program for a model research based preschool program. It's foundation is centered in Vygotsky's Developmental Theory. The teacher will receive training from a Louisiana certified Master Early Education certified teacher on how to implement the curriculum. This position will be located in the downtown historical district of Independence, Louisiana. The Master teacher is currently working on her Doctor's of Education in Educational Leadership. The children attending this program will be children from low income families who reside in the local area.

Independence, LA

7/22/19 7:00 AM +more

Save Community Cats in Jefferson Parish!

We’re working on a very exciting project and we could use your help! The Jefferson Parish community cats program has a three-year plan to provide spay/neuter for 7500 cats. This lifesaving endeavor will involve trapping, neutering, vaccinating and returning community cats to their original outdoor locations. Not only is this the most humane method of preventing cats from entering the shelter system, but it’s also the most effective. To carry out this huge community effort, we’re going to need a few helpful hands like yours to help feed and care for cats after surgery on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Volunteering just one hour a week can make a BIG difference in saving cats’ lives! Volunteer work can even be done on the way home from work! To learn more, please see the Kennel Assistant volunteer position description for details: https://bestfriends-my.sharepoint.com/:b:/g/personal/kimberlyb_bestfriends_org/EeNLxsfjxflGrQGwgV7PuxgB_v0_w3xrZCfdtDnIKosVXg?e=yspJbd If you’d rather volunteer on a Saturday, we’re also looking for volunteers to help clean our humane traps. Are spreadsheets more your thing? Our hotline is BUSY so having someone transcribe voicemails would be a huge help! If you’re interested in volunteering to help the cats, or if you have any questions, please email us at bfvolcoord@bestfriends.org. Our office is located in the West Bank Animal Shelter at 2701 LaPalco Blvd in Harvey, LA but we also have cats in Jefferson at the Acadian Affordable Vet Clinic. The Jefferson Parish community cats program is a partnership between Best Friends Animal Society and Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter. We can’t wait to hear from you, as we work together to save the lives of community cats.

Harvey, LA

Through 12/31/19

Family Night

This is a great project for families to come and serve the community together. We ask all volunteers be over 7 years old.

Baton Rouge, LA

2/4/19 6:00 PM

Da Berry Fresh Market Garden Planting

Envision da Berry, a 501c3 non-profit organization owns and operates “da Berry Fresh Market” (BFM) which is a combination of retail farm stand and small network of neighborhood community gardens. Volunteers can expect these tasks: Gardening (70%), Farm Stand Operations(20%), Community Outreach(10%). BFM opened in August 2017in the middle of the Historic West End Cultural District of New Iberia, LA which has seen much decline over the past few decades.. We need assistance setting up the gardens to getting our crop inventory established. The surrounding under-served West End neighborhood has a median household income of $19K and has a majority African-American population. There’s been incidents of drug and gang related crime and violence that have been plaguing the impoverished neighborhood. A word of caution that you would be working in the middle of these areas at times but people are generally pretty curious and friendly.

New Iberia, LA

Through 12/25/20

Arts In Medicine, Baton Rouge General (Both locations)

We are seeking volunteers to assist staff in patient/employee engagement projects, mix paints, prepare and setup supplies; Must have interview and approval from Department Manager. Ongoing volunteer opportunity with various shifts available.

Through 12/31/19

Surgery Orthopedics, Baton Rouge General Bluebonnet

We are seeking volunteers to assist with general office assistance and the direction of the office staff. Ongoing volunteer opportuniies with various shift availabilities.

Through 12/31/19


We are seeking volunteers to provide assistnace to the radilogy department department staff. Prefer college students pursing a career in Radiology.

Through 12/31/19

Physical Therapy, Baton Rouge General (Both)

We are seeking volunteers to assist with clerical duties including asnwering phones, copier, completing billing forms, recording referrals, updating tags on schedule boards; Assisting with follow-up phone (surveys), confirming apppointments, obatining patient information from the the computer; Check-in patients, inform physical therapists that their patients have arrived, obtaining patients folders; Check in patients, information physical therapists that their patients have arrived,

Through 12/31/19

Case Management/Social Worker (Observations), BRG Bluebonnet

Volunteer must meet education requirements/training to participate; Must be a currently enrolled student, majoring in Social Work, Sociology, or similar. (Bluebonnet Campus Only)

Through 12/31/19

Employee Health, Baton Rouge General Bluebonnet

We are seeking a volunteer to assist with filing and clerical duties of the office; ongoing volunteer opportunities and various shifts available.

Through 12/31/19

Emergency Department (ED), Baton Rouge General Bluebonnet

We are seeking volunteers to assist with communicating with waiting room & family members and running errands for the medical staff, , other duties as needed. Ongoing volunteer opportunities with various shifts available.

Through 12/31/19

Telemetry, Baton Rouge General Bluebonnet

We are seeking volunteers to assist within the patient care units. Duties include: restocking supplies, passing trays, filling ice pitchers, reading to patients, running errands for the medical staff, and the care of patients' flowers; other duties as needed; Ongoing volunteer opportunities with various shifts available.

Through 12/31/19

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By Madi Donham. Wed, 16 Jan 2019

“We rarely have the luxury of spending time on the business with a group of highly skilled professionals,” said Mariana McNeill, executive director of CareerCatchers. Dedicated to empowering the community’s most vulnerable populations through career counseling, mentorship and training programs, Mariana and CareerCatchers participate in the D.C. Regional Project Management Day of Service each year, taking advantage of the unique opportunity to work with project management professionals to solve tough challenges – at no cost. Hosted by Project Management for Change, the marathon-style event falls annually on Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service and is designed to help nonprofits find innovative solutions to their most pressing challenges. This year’s event will include 130 project management volunteers who will contribute hours of direct service to more than 30 projects for 25 area nonprofits

Project Management Day of Service: Helping Nonprofits Tackle Their Most Difficult Challenges, One Project at a Time

By Madi Donham. Tue, 15 Jan 2019

Inspired to help local nonprofit organizations reach their full potential, Gary Vaughan volunteers his time and project management skills to create actionable project plans during the annual D.C. Regional Project Management Day of Service. . Hosted by Project Management for Change, the event falls annually on Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, and over 130 volunteers will contribute hours of direct service to more than 25 area nonprofits and 30 projects.  A senior IT adviser with the Bureau of Information Resource Management at the State Department, Gary brings years of experience to the PMDoS marathon-style event. Now in his fourth year as a volunteer, he is helping under-resourced nonprofit leaders address their most difficult challenges at no cost, one project at a time

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“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” HandsOn Hong Kong, a Points of Light Network affiliate, brings to life these words from Helen Keller – tackling their most pressing social needs by mobilizing and empowering every member of their community to make a difference through volunteer service.Since its founding in 2007, HandsOn Hong Kong has been working to create service opportunities for every cause and volunteer. Whatever your passion may be, HandsOn Hong Kong makes it easy to search its inclusive volunteer calendar to find service projects for people of all ages.

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